About Me

I, Arvind Bajaj, have been the founder of Arvind Bajaj Rain Financial Services – people have known me as a renowned Indian stock market analyst, and I am lucky to have well-wishers , equity investors across India and even from around the globe. 

I have been one of the top ranked boarders on the Moneycontrol forum. Being a stock analyst as well as a consultant, helped me immensely in the Money Control stock market forum to know the vagaries of the stock market. I have been actively involved in stock investments from 2001 onwards, and the initial years of the 2000 decade were spent in getting to learn the technical analysis, trend analysis, and research of stocks. Every person who is in the stock market, should study about the company before he / she invests in it. 

Stock investing as well as profit booking is a gradual process and there should be no hurry at any point of time. 

At ABMR Financial Services, our aim is to unburden the task of stock (or crypto) investments for our customers / clients, and we invest sensibly in the equity as well as crypto market so that they reap the profits of their hard-earned money. 

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